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Nosebleed: Why Does it Happen and How to Treat It?


On the off chance that your nose is dying, you can treat it in the accompanying manners: 1.            Lie down and apply pressure on the draining zone to quit dying. 2.            Put ice packs around the nose. 3.            Apply saturating balm to stop further aggravation. 4.            Put dressing inside the …

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In spite of the fact that not a significant issue, a nosebleed can cause inconvenience and at times alarm as well. Here are the manners by which you can forestall it: 1.            Avoid over-cleaning out your nose particularly on the off chance that you recently had dying. 2.            Keep your …

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Reasons for Nose-Bleed

Epistaxis van is caused due to the accompanying reasons: •             Environmental factors: An adjustment in moistness, temperature or weight worries the meager nasal layer. It prompts dying. •             Physical factors: Any fall or mishap that harms the face is well on the way to cause nose harm as well. On …

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