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5 Yoga Poses to Ease Lower Back Pain

Descending Facing Dog

Descending Facing Dog is an extraordinary posture for protracting and decompressing the whole spine. It extends the hamstrings too, which will likewise help with lower back issues. From your hands and knees, fold your toes under and ascend to Downward Facing Dog. Start with your knees twisted, back straight and …

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Feline and Cow Pose

With this basic development you are extending the hips and the whole spine. Start on all fours. While breathing in, lift your chest and tailbone towards the roof, and keeping in mind that breathing out, curve your back, squeezing through the shoulder bones and dropping your head. Keep as indicated …

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Sphinx Pose

he Sphinx is an extraordinary posture for conditioning the spine and animating the sacral-lumbar curve. At the point when we sit a great deal, the lower back will in general level, which can cause torment. Sphinx present advances the regular ebb and flow of the lower back. Start by laying …

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Prostrate Twist

A contort to the spine offers an incredible strain reliever for the whole back, just as the neck. You get to set down, unwind and let the gravity help you. Lay on your back, carry your arms perfectly shape on the floor, and bring your knees towards your chest. Gradually …

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