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2. Exercise Properly and Target Your Core

Board Jack

1.            Come into a high board, hands underneath your shoulders, body in an orderly fashion. 2.            Jump your feet separated a couple of feet like a hopping jack and afterward hop them back together. Reps: 2 to 3 rounds of 30 seconds

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Board to Pike

1.            Come into a board with a towel underneath your feet. 2.            Contracting your muscular strength, climb your hips up toward the roof until your body frames a transformed “V” shape. 3.            Keeping your legs straight, bring down your hips again into a board. Reps: 2 to 3 rounds of …

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Side Plank Dip

1.            Lying on your correct side, place your correct lower arm on the ground and stack your left foot to your right side. 2.            Raise up into a side board with your hips falling off the ground. 3.            Dip your hips down and tap the ground delicately (or go the …

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Dead Bug

1.            Lying on the ground, raise your arms toward the sky and lift your legs into a 90 degree edge, twisted at the knees (tabletop position). 2.            Straightening your left leg, lower it to an inch over the ground. Simultaneously, bring down your correct arm straight over your head, close …

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Leg Raise

1.            Lie level on the ground, arms at your sides. 2.            Keeping your legs together, raise them up toward the roof until they’re opposite to the floor (or as high as you can go while keeping them straight). 3.            Lower back toward the ground, drifting a couple of creeps over …

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1.            Start down on the ground with your hands straightforwardly underneath your shoulders, at that point expand your legs out straight behind you. (It resembles the highest point of a push-up.) 2.            Hold your body in an orderly fashion from head to hips to toes. Try not to permit your …

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